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I was still that selfish, ravenous, demanding attic mouse who had to have it proven time and time again that I was worthy enough to live in the sunlight.
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I’ve liveblogging over on my main blog tywinlannlster

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Do you know of a working livestream? I don't have cable and I cannot wait to watch it!!

Do any of my followers have a livestream??

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2 more hours!

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*aggressively sings Kelly Sweet’s cover of In The Air Tonight for the next 5 hours*

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Changed the theme again!

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Are you still doing that Dollanganger network thing?

I was going to! But I lost my password around the time that I was going to pick members, and then I accidently deleted the url. I’m going to try it again soon though. I have 2 networks opening up on my other blog and I’m waiting until I close admissions on those to try the Dollanganger net again :)

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